Nanomechanics Lab Research

  • Biomechanics and Biophysics of the Cell

    Experimental measurements of biomechanical and biophysical properties of healthy and diseased cells. Theoretical and computational modeling for evaluating these properties.

  • Malaria

    Mechanobiology of malaria infected red blood cells. Gene disruption studies of parasites and related phenotypes. Development of high throughput diagnostic/therapeutic devices.

  • Nanoscale Properties of Biological Materials

    Nanoscale structure-property relationship of biomaterials. Biomimetics studies of natural materials. Deformation and failure mechanisms of nanostructured biomaterials.

  • Nanostructured or Amorphous Materials

    Mechanics of nanostructured or amorphous materials. Deformation and failure mechanisms of nanostructured or amorphous materials.

  • Nano-Indentation and Micro-Indentation

    Instrumented indentation or scratch studies at the nano-/micro-scale. Forward and reverse (inverse) analysis of indentation/scratch tests. Contact mechanics of indentation and frictional sliding.

  • Surfaces and Thin Films

    Mechanics of surfaces, interfaces and thin films.

  • Functionally Graded Materials

    Deformation and failure of functionally graded materials. Protection mechanisms of graded materials.